The real Lasj or not?

2008-03-11 06:58:29 by Lasj

Some people have asked me if whether I am the real Lasj or not. So to make everyone happy, I have declared it on my myspace site in big letters. The reason why I don't upload any more songs is because (a) the song include a copyrighted acapella
or sample or (b) the song is for sale on web shops. I hope you don't get mad =p

If however your urge for my songs is beyond mental, you can download some here: (click the speaker symbol to the right of the song title).

Take care, Lasj


2008-02-11 13:41:16 by Lasj

Finally, after the situation where the user "Seven-Too-Five" stole a portion of my song "Stian K - Be Alive! (Lasj Remix)" I have created this account and decided to upload the song to this profile.

If you enjoy the song, you'll probably like my other tracks too. Visit my myspace page for more songs.

I hope you will enjoy my contribution to this site and I will try to visit newgrounds as often as I can :)