Entry #1


2008-02-11 13:41:16 by Lasj

Finally, after the situation where the user "Seven-Too-Five" stole a portion of my song "Stian K - Be Alive! (Lasj Remix)" I have created this account and decided to upload the song to this profile.

If you enjoy the song, you'll probably like my other tracks too. Visit my myspace page for more songs.

I hope you will enjoy my contribution to this site and I will try to visit newgrounds as often as I can :)


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2008-02-11 14:06:52

Expect some people to accuse you of stealing the song though- considering how known that stolen cut-out is now.

Also, yay for Norwegian people

Lasj responds:

Haha, well it would be a pretty hard task to build a complete song around a stolen audio clip, so if people actually think that I'm the one that has been stealing, they would have to be pretty stupid.

And if they don't believe that I am the real Lasj, I can prove it by saying something about this profile on my myspace, so no worries ;)

Heia Norge :)


2008-02-11 16:51:25

Its a good song and now you will be credited for your own work
who knows when the short sped up version will be took off but hopefully it
will soon


2008-02-11 18:36:00

Haha, great to see you here. Glad we got that all worked out :)


2008-02-12 16:41:20

Actually, its not even sped up, its just cut straight from the song!


2008-02-12 17:08:46

It's a good thing that whole thing's over - I didn't really have anything to do with it but I was watching. :) Great that you'll be posting on Newgrounds, I might even leave a review on that first song of yours if I have the time -and I DEFINITELY will be keeping up with your submissions. ;D


2008-02-13 11:08:38

Love your song, I can't stop listening to it! It's so darn catchy! I hope you mak/upload more stuff.


2008-02-15 22:17:01

Thumbs up!


2008-02-19 10:46:37

There I thought I had to get a myspace account for the full song. Seven-Too-Five has destroyed my trust. And for that I can't help to hate him.


2008-02-27 14:24:02

Hey I was looking at some of your reviews, and people were mentioning a site called EA... What is it? Sounds like another audio portal, but no idea what the url would be :D


2008-02-28 22:14:01

Hey there, LasJ. Perhaps the whole Seven-Too-Five issue will benefit you, people will want to hear your song more. Awesome song, can't wait for you to upload more works. You don't seem to angry about having your song stolen, I guess that's good. Congrats though, for having a nearly perfect rating for your song, you deserve it. If you make songs even half as good as your Stian K - Be Alive, you will be popular in no time, you are definitely talented. Good luck with other songs!


2008-02-28 23:05:38

I said:
"If you make songs even half as good as your Stian K - Be Alive, you will be popular in no time"

Scratch that, I meant famous, not popular. Many people know of your music already, you should definitely take the next step and go professional.


2008-03-04 20:30:19

Hey there and welcome to newgrounds :D

i am glad we got that other loser out of here. And from what i can tell we finally got the real deal here :D woot. i really like your music and i look forward to hearing more.

i can't seem to get your music to work on my myspace page. all the others seem to work but yours. Is your play list bugged?