Entry #2

The real Lasj or not?

2008-03-11 06:58:29 by Lasj

Some people have asked me if whether I am the real Lasj or not. So to make everyone happy, I have declared it on my myspace site in big letters. The reason why I don't upload any more songs is because (a) the song include a copyrighted acapella
or sample or (b) the song is for sale on web shops. I hope you don't get mad =p

If however your urge for my songs is beyond mental, you can download some here: http://www.uhort.no/artist/lasj (click the speaker symbol to the right of the song title).

Take care, Lasj


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2008-03-11 07:53:24

I don't visit myspace much, so I havn't heard of you before, but it's great seeing famous artists join Ng. Hope you enjoy your stay here!


2008-03-11 12:17:44

"I hope you don't get mad"

Actually I am, I just broke a few chairs and ate a book in frustration


2009-12-24 19:47:06

i have back problems